I’ve Been Away . . .

… from this blog for so long. In fact, it’s been exactly 2 years, 3 months, and 4 days, which is even longer than the gestation period of the Asian elephant (a very endangered animal, btw).

Looking back at my last entry, it’s ironic I was thinking I needed an agent because I’m still not done with the book. In fact, I took it back to the drawing board and re-figured it HUGELY. Although in many ways it’s the same story, I expanded the fantasy element so that it plays out on an intergalactic scale.

This involved much world building. Some of that involved science, and I find–as I stumble across bits and pieces that still need finessing–parts of it still do. This makes my brain ache. Since it’s not science-fiction, I thought I was in the clear–not that I have anything against science, but I haven’t taken any in a bajillion years. My last bits of chemistry were in the 8th grade. Physics and biology never. I did have astronomy in college in my second year, but I wouldn’t recognize a black hole unless I saw it on Star Trek.

Being the author, you’d think I’d have a certain amount of power over the story, and you would be wrong. Since I have such bossy, headstrong characters, they’re always taking over. Still, with what control I do have, I’ve been incorporating history and literature in my world building, which is fun and almost makes up for the science angst.

World-building wasn’t the only thing that kept me from the manuscript, and from the blog. A year of hard-core medication to rid my body of a long-held virus also resulted in taking away my imagination for that time. The central question to any creative endeavor is what if … and for the life of me I couldn’t have what-if‘d myself out of a closet (or, as the case was, out of bed). The good side to that was that I also didn’t worry. Much. It was a boring unblogworthy year and I’m well rid of it (and the virus, btw).

Another reason I haven’t been blogging is that other social media took over that place in my life. I’ve been tweeting, posting statuses, commenting on other people’s statuses, participating in forums. Now that I’ve done that for a while, that’s begun to lose its glow and there are times I miss being able to expound endlessly on things I know little about. And the rants. I miss the rants. Blogs are a great place to rant. It’s hard to tweet out a good rant in 140 characters.

In other words, I’m back and will be making the occasional post about my writing progress, writing process, pithy tirades about the cable or phone companies, and there’s likely to be more than a bit of general silliness.

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