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Off to see the Wizard

Tomorrow bright and early (or notsomuch), I head out on the highway to the Children’s Writing Workshop in Big Sur. I’m taking my polished chapters and my unpolished ones, a query, a synopsis (that–even though I’d rather eat rusty nails–I’m going to finish today), a flashlight, an umbrella, a computer and printer, clothes, a few snacks, and my excited self.

This will be the first time my story goes on display to people I don’t know since the major reconstruction and world-building I did this past year. It will be interesting (and a bit nerve wracking) to see how it flies. I’m still having trouble coming up with a blurb, but that’s partly just me. I don’t talk in sound bites either. I’m hoping when people ask me what my story is about and I stand there all tongue tied they’ll forgive me. Or maybe I’ll come up with something on the three-and-a-half hour drive.

I’m hoping to come back with ideas to strengthen my manuscript, an eye-catching query and synopsis, new writer friends, and a first hand impression of the agents and editors who will be attending. Editorial or agent interest would be a lovely bonus.

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