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Yes, I’m still here! And it’s Halloween, one of my favorite holidays because–honestly–how could you not love a holiday that’s all about dress-up and candy!?!

This year my husband grew ghostly white pumpkins. He carved one of them which will be put out tonight to entice the neighborhood trick-or-treaters who will (thankfully) take the rest of the Halloween candy before he eats it.

Although I don’t dress up anymore, I loved, loved, loved it when I was a kid. My costumes went the full range from a Lady to a Hell’s Angel. Wish I had a picture of the latter one, but alas I do not. Here’s a piccy of me as the former, with my best friend Sally. We were three.

BTW–did you know the thing about poisoned Halloween candy is an urban legend. Just check Snopes. More shocking, the thing about sugar getting kids all hyped up is another myth. As to whether it gets adults all hyped up . . . maybe you should just leave the candy for the kids. 😉

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A Clue!

Well, my lovelies, I’ve been playing it pretty close to the chest about the BTWNBN1, so I’ve decided to give you all a clue. Ready?

Okay, here it is:

Any ideas?

1. Book That Will Not Be Named

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